Monday, June 7, 2010

Best Peach Pie Ever

Ok, I know there's a bit of superlative going on with the title, but it's true. There is no picture, because the pie didn't last long enough to survive for a picture.

Peaches are back in Central Texas, and boy, are they wonderful this year. After having 3 years with very few peaches, the peaches are everywhere. When I go to the Farmers' Market on Saturday, I have lots of peach choices. (However, for me, the choice is a no-brainer. I like Rocky Hill Orchard's at the Barton Creek Farmer's Market peaches best--partly due to a very convoluted family connection. Plus I just like how their peaches taste).

It's early in the peach season though, which means the peaches are cling. That means, you can't just slice the peach in half and easily remove the stone (pit). It took a little for me to come up with a method for slicing peaches, but I figured it out. I cut the peach in half (as if the stone will pop out for me). Then I slice it vertically in slices, so the first cut is in the middle of each slice. I do this around the outside of the peach, cutting as far as possible (until reaching the stone). The stones I save for the kids to suck the last remaining peach off of. This is rather messy, but it works great for giving slices for a pie.

Fresh Peach Pie
from the Shenk Cookbook

9" unbaked pie crust
3 c fresh peaches, sliced (peeling is optional--up to your preferences)
1 egg, beaten
1/3 c butter, melted
1 c sugar
1/3 c flour
1/2 - 1 t cinnamon (we always use the full teaspoon)

Spread peaches in prepared pie crust. Mix together remaining ingredients. Spread over peaches in crust. Bake in preheated 350 degrees oven for 45 min- 1 hour, or until top of pie has cooked through (it will be a little crusty).

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