Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Foods

We are Olympic junkies at our house, in particular, the winter Olympics. Our kids get to watch TV in the afternoon and/or evening to see the Olympics. Curtis and I spend way too much time talking about it. The Olympics have even bled into our food.

I've decided that over the next two weeks, I should cook foods from countries who are at the Olympics. I started by saying it would be from the four countries that are major contenders to win men's Olympic hockey (Sweden, Russia, Canada, and of course, the US). Then I realized Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) and pancakes were in order. Scallion pancakes immediately came to mind because I had about 3 bunches of scallions that desperately needed to be used. Since scallion pancakes by themselves don't constitute a meal (even in my sometimes slacker balanced meal world), I found some other Chinese recipes and decided to celebrate China's gold in pairs figure skating. Here's a little of the Olympic foods we've been eating. Recipes for many of these things will follow.

Opening Ceremonies (Oh, Canada!): Teriyaki Salmon, Canadian Wild Rice, and Naniamo Bars
A Little bit of Sweden: Swedish not-Lamb Stew
French (because the French are rocking the Nordic events): Steak Diane and Roasted Root Vegetables
Chinese Pairs Figure Skaters Rock (and aren't teenagers!!): Scallion Pancakes and (not very) Orange Chicken

I need to find some Russian recipes (that should be fun) and maybe a Swiss or German one as well.

Aaah...I love the Olympics!

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Kate G. said...

I've got my grandma's German cookbooks if you want me to drop them by. My thoughts are spaetzle, Sauerbrauten, schnitzel, Rouladen are great. Veggies- creamed greens,quick cabbage. Or can't go wrong with a struedel.I'm making myself hungry. Must go cook regional yummy foods like you!