Friday, December 18, 2009

How I Spent My Friday Afternoon

It was a truly wonderful afternoon. The only thing it needed was the foot of snow that my Virginia family is forecast to get tonight/tomorrow. All of the cookies I had stashed in the refrigerator and freezer I brought out to bake. What I ended up with (from front to back):

Molasses Cookies
Pinwheel Cookies (I especially like the pinwheel cookie wreck in the middle of the picture)
Sand Tarts
World Peace Cookies
Linzer Cookies
and already made, not pictured Buckeyes.

I like this method of baking. I will definitely need to remember it for next year. I used Stonewall Kitchen's Raspberry Jam for the filling of the Linzer cookies. It wasn't what I used last year, but it was thick enough to do.

This was the first year I was happy with my sand tarts. The secret? Two things. 1) No one helped me. 2) New baking pans from a restaurant supply store. Heavy duty, half sheet pans. They were awesome and the cookies cooked until they were crispy without browning. It was easier to roll them out evenly since no one was helping me (as in, no children assisting). Cookie making with kids is fun, but cookie making by myself is fun too.


Jason said...

Nice cookies! That's how I spent my afternoon today, and how I will tomorrow as well! We had about 2-3 inches on the ground when I woke up today and it's still snowing! I'm hoping that I can get out in the morning for more supplies.

Melani said...

What kinds are you making?

Jason said...

Saturday was:
-Cowboy Cookies
-Sugar Crusted Ginger Chewies
-Salted Chocolate Vanilla Bean Cookies
-Linzer Cookies

Tomorrow will depend on whether I can get to the store or not. I went through the 2 lbs of butter that I picked up on Friday and need more eggs, cocoa powder, pecans... and I have to pick up the preserves for the Linzer cookies (thanks for posting the brand that you used!).

I've come across two different cookies with bacon in them. I'm pretty tempted to try them too, AND I have bacon in the fridge. We'll see.