Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the CSA box this week

We've switched from spring vegetables to summer vegetables. A few spring veggies are hanging on---beets, broccoli, cabbage, kale, but from what I understand we probably won't see them again for about 6 - 9 months or so.

In the box:

red cabbage
basil (plus an extra bunch)
beets (plus an extra bunch)
zucchini (we left a few behind)
patty pan squash (which we left all of them behind)
green beans
hot pepper

Snacks and cucumbers are for snacking, especially for Curtis and Madeleine
Green beans we already ate for supper last night.
Some red cabbage plus savoy cabbage for Black Bean Crispy Tacos
Broccoli for a quiche on Saturday or for a broccoli salad
Onions for cooking
Basil for pesto and in tonight's pasta and ragu meal.
Beets for another beet and goat cheese salad

I'm not sure yet about the kale or zucchini.

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