Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What to do with a CSA box when you aren't cooking much

Baby I obviously came (the day after my previous post in fact) by the lack of blogging. We weren't sure how much food would be brought to us and how much we would have to prepare so we have continued to get our CSA box. We were fortunate to have two solid weeks of meals brought to us by our neighborhood, supplemented by a few meals from our Sunday School class, so I had to find some non-main course ways to use my veggies. Here are the contents of our box from last week (at least what I can remember) and how we used them. Hopefully I'll post a few recipes within the coming the weeks.

Beets, an onion, and arugula in a beet and goat cheese salad
lettuce for burgers
zucchini in chocolate chip zucchini cookies
carrots eaten raw
green beans eaten lightly cooked with a meal
two cucumbers eaten by M as a snack

Still waiting for inspiration in the fridge:
zucchini and two patty pan squash
swiss chard
a head of red cabbage (that is getting used tonight for a asian cabbage slaw)
a head of savoy cabbage
more lettuce
onions (which won't be hard to use once I am cooking more again nor will they go bad quickly)
a bunch of kale

Given to friends who brought us food:

I think in the coming week I'll need to do more cooking, which is good solely for the fact that we are getting another box tomorrow that we'll need to put to good use.

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