Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Food

Baby I is getting older and that means he is almost ready to start eating solid foods. This is yet another reason I love being part of a CSA and shopping at Farmer's Market. I know exactly what food goes into my baby's body and where it came from. I know the farmer and I know nothing unwanted is sneaking in with the food, thanks to the organic produce.

As far as I am concerned, he is ready to eat solids at the perfect time. Apples are at the farmer's market. I am buying 2nds (the apples with spots that need a little work before they're ready to eat) and making applesauce (here's how to make applesauce using a KitchenAid and attachment). That will be followed by some of that wonderful orange winter squash I am currently processing (here's how to do that). I can also find pears at the farmer's market now and soon we'll be getting sweet potatoes in our CSA box. Perfect. When it's time, I'll get a small amount of local lamb (from the farmer's market) to introduce Baby I to meat and then chicken as well. By the time the rich leafy greens and broccoli are in season, he'll be ready to conquer those as well. I can't think of better way to get a child off the right start of eating.

Here's what I am up to on this cool fall day (which we so rarely get in September. September!! I love thee this year!). Applesauce and processing winter squash. I hope to make Kobacha muffins later this week! :)

Pictured are the apples before cooking and after I've cooked them down. They're now ready to process.

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