Sunday, September 13, 2009

Experiments in Baking--Brioche

I have a subscription to Bon Appetit magazine--that probably surprises no one who checks the blog regularly since my favorite place to get recipes online is Epicurious. This has been a very good thing for my cooking. It encouraged me to try cooking Julia Child recipes and, even better, it introduced me to brioche.

Brioche is wonderful French bread, supposedly up there with croissants as a breakfast bread in France. It is buttery and has eggs in it, moving it slightly over into the realm of cakes. It is flaky and light. It is incredible warm with some nutella smeared over top. It is very time consuming to make as far as breads go (which usually take a lot of hands off time and just a little hands on time), both in letting sit--overnight in the refrigerator in fact--and in hands on time--turning the dough every 30 minutes for 2 hours.

The recipe is long and pretty detailed. I would make no changes to the recipe. So instead of repeating the whole thing here, I will instead send you to Bon Appetit's website so you can look up the recipe yourself. (Click here for accompanying article about brioche with some helpful hints). Try it. One Friday or Saturday late afternoon start the dough. Finish it the following morning and have a little vacation to France, right in your own house.

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