Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In the CSA Box this Week

I thought I'd show a picture of my bounty because this is it for the next three weeks. (Please allow me a brief rant and whine session...). I went to renew my CSA subscription today and learned that there are no openings for Wednesday pick-ups until the end October. I've been forced into a CSA hiatus---basically wait-listed!! Alas, I must go the longest I've ever gone since starting with this CSA 2 1/2 years ago. Such sadness. How will I plan meals starting next week? I will need to make choices instead of just dealing with what I've gotten.

To cope, I've decided to start going to the Farmer's Market and buying significantly there instead of using it as my fruit and meat outlet. I am taking the money I would have spent (but have already spent because in order to make sure I get veggies the end of October I had to pay now--it will all even out in the end though) on my CSA and pick vegetables at the farmer's market. This could be a very good thing---I won't get foods I have a hard time using, like spaghetti squash and jalapenos and I can control the amount of food I get (like maybe eggplant in moderation). I am worried I'll have a hard time finding my arugula and basil though.

All right already. The rant is over. Thanks for bearing with me. If my posts seem to wander off even more than usual in the next three weeks, you know why now. We are living off of brioche, pizza, and that quarter cow in our freezer. (That actually doesn't sound too bad!). Maybe I'll just need to bake more to offset all my casseroles.

Here's what our box looked like. I gave the okra to some neighbors (yippee!). Other than that, you should recognize everything. The large squash thing is a spaghetti squash. Looks like I'll get another attempt on that this year. I think I am making baba ganoush tomorrow! I hope there are still sweet potatoes by the end of October (but maybe the okra and hot peppers will be gone?)


Jason said...

Good luck with your CSA withdrawal. V and I did one last year but decided that while we strongly support the idea of the CSA it just doesn't work so well with our situation (ends up costing an extra 7 bucks or so to get a car to go up there, we inevitably get SOMETHING that we gave away to family or neighbors becuase we weren't going to use it--a full head of red cabbage, oysters, mushrooms). Our CSA also has a farmstand, so we decided that we could just pick up what we wanted/needed when we could get up there or just hit farmers markets closer to home (about 7 in walking distance on different days). Aside from missing coming up with things to make from ingredients that I wouldn't typically pick up on my own (e.g. red beet chocolate cake), it has been kind of freeing to stay somewhat committed to local ingredients while gaining the freedom of just getting what we will definitely eat and really enjoy.

Melani said...

I can definitely see the advantages. I'll just need do a little more thinking about what to make.

I'm over my whining now. :)