Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In this week's CSA box

It was a colorful week this week! (In the picture: beets plus greens, grapefruit, radishes, cauliflower, and red cabbage)

one head of cauliflower (it was orange)
three small heads of broccoli
a large bag of arugula
two small heads of red cabbage
beet greens and baby beets (I save the beets and discard the greens--yes I know I can eat the greens too)
a small head of tatsoi
a bag of spinach
three oranges
two grapefruit (we are LOVING!! the almost sweet flavor of the grapefruit)
a bunch of radishes
a dozen eggs
a small bunch of mint
a bunch of mustard greens (or something similar to that)


I am making Fettuccini with Arugula tonight for supper with some fish.
The mint is becoming mint tea.
M could single handedly eat all the oranges
The mustard greens will become Cheese and Greens sandwiches (Friday and Saturday lunches maybe)
If I have enough red cabbage, I'll also make an Asian Cabbage Slaw

Revised menu for the week:

Thursday: Still Ikea
Friday: Pasta Cavalfiore (using cauliflower) and salad (either bok choy or arugula)
Saturday: Easy Meatless Manicotti (using spinach) with a side of braised radishes and beets
Sunday: Leftover lunch and Cabbage Tacos for supper (or a bok choy/egg dish)
Monday: a broccoli dish
Tuesday: Leftovers

How M prefers to eat her broccoli--"Just like Daddy"

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Michelle Cato said...

Make tea??? That would be an interesting blog. Or do you just drop the leaves in hot water??