Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In the CSA box today

I mostly got what I expected in the box today. I was disappointed not to get spinach. That just means that pasta carbonara florentine is going to be lacking the florentine (spinach). I also have a lot more arugula than I know what to do with. I think I may need to buy some spinach and make a spinach arugula pesto.

In the box:

one turnip
one radish
arugula (a huge bag!)
2 kohlrabi
handful of sugar peas
2 sweet onions
green leaf and red leaf lettuce
swiss chard
a couple of small green garlic
a dozen eggs
plus a bunch of kale I left behind

The sugar peas will not last long in my house. I had to chase M out of the bag so some would get saved for supper--at least enough for Curtis to taste. The turnips are currently multiplying in my fridge, as is the lettuce. The lettuce isn't as tender as it was a week or two ago--the heat makes the leaves tougher.


Jason said...

Some friends grilled pizza the other week. On one, they put some gorgonzola (or other blue cheese, maybe). After it came off of the grill, they piled on the arugala. Excellent (and probably adaptable to the oven)... but maybe less thrilling if you've had a lot of arugala already.

Kate G. said...

what about using the arugula in the pasta instead of the spinach?

Darcy said...

come on Mel....what's for dinner!? You're acting like you've got three kids or something. ;) tee hee hee