Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arugula Bread Pudding

I was excited about my little bag of arugula, but was tired of all my usual arugula recipes. I went to Epicurious in search of a new arugula recipe and decided tonight would be a good night to have breakfast for supper. To see the recipe, click here. Instead of typing out the whole recipe, just few notes on it. The recipe called for shallots. I very, very rarely use shallots, so I used an onion instead and just browned it for longer than the recipe suggested. I put in about a 1/2 c of onion. Next time, I think I will use more like 1 c--I really liked the flavor it gave. I also didn't have 7 oz of arugula (they said that would be 6 1/2 c). I suspect I had more like 3 c worth. More arugula would be better to give it the nice peppery arugula flavor. I also substituted good ole Swiss cheese for Gruyere.

Everyone enjoyed it. M dove right into it, even eating the arugula. Best of all, I can eat leftovers for breakfast tomorrow!

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