Monday, April 6, 2009

Fusilli with Collards, Bacon and Garlic

I didn't feel like the fettucine with kale for this week (my menu has been rearranged for the week, mostly just shifted stuff from day to day to fit my whims), but needed to find a recipe that used collards or kale. I found this recipe from Epicurious. I was disappointed with it, I thought it was bland. I wonder if I didn't put the right amount of things in, maybe I didn't have enough garlic or bacon. There is no reason a recipe with garlic or bacon should be bland. Maybe it was just my taste buds tonight. M ate the pasta, but left everything else. J gobbled it up. Curtis thought it was ok, but nothing special. I'll probably try this recipe again at some point and be sure to add lots of garlic and bacon, but I think I'll skip it for a while.

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