Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beef Kebabs

The bell peppers are starting to accumulate in my fridge. My onion bowl in the pantry is getting fuller and fuller. My freezer is stuffed to the gills with meat. What in the world should I make for supper? Beef Kebabs! I used a sirloin steak (I know, I should have weighed it first to see how big it was. I am guessing between 1 - 2 lbs, it was rather large), mushrooms, bell peppers (green and purple), and onions. I thought about adding zucchini too, but I didn't think that would be something many of us would have enjoyed so I skipped it. We served these over rice with sides of baba ganoush and pita, and cucumber and tomato slices. Another nice easy summer meal that doesn't heat up the kitchen much on these 100+ degrees days that have become entirely too common this summer.

Beef Kebabs
adapted from Steven Raichlen's Barbeque Bible

1 -2 lbs sirloin steak or tenderloin, cut into 1" cubes
6 mushrooms, quartered
2 bell peppers, cut into chunks
1 medium or 2 small onions, cut into wedges

extra virgin olive oil
1/2 c mixed fresh herbs: any combination of basil, parsley, rosemary, oregano
1 garlic clove, minced
coarse salt
black pepper

Drizzle olive oil over steak or tenderloin in a 9 x 13" pan. Toss with fresh herbs, garlic, salt, and pepper. Cover with foil and marinade in the refrigerator 1 - 2 hours. To prepare kebabs, alternate vegetables and beef. Cook on grill for 2 - 3 minutes per side (for a total of 10 - 12 minutes), until meat is cooked as desired and vegetables are tender.

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