Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the CSA Box today

Yay for lots of tomatoes! I must admit, many, many squash were left behind. Hopefully someone else can use all my yellow and patty pan squash. I am accepting the reality that I cannot use all the squash I get and I hope someone else can. I felt slightly guilty unloading all the squash, but my junk may be someone else's treasure right?

I ended up with:
3 zucchini
a bunch of red tomatoes and one yellow tomato
an eggplant
a cabbage
2 ears of corn
a bag of green beans
4 mild hot peppers
2 purple and 1 green bell pepper (when cooked, the purple ones turn green as well)
a bag of onions
a bunch of swiss chard
a dozen eggs

I was hoping for some basil, but alas, there was none. The corn is pretty exciting though.
Possible Menu:
Tonight: Grilled Chicken with bruschetta over polenta and a side of grilled corn (I know, I am overdoing the corn a little, but there's not that much corn on the cob)
Thursday: Ratatouille (I can't spell that...)
Friday: Hopefully pizza
Saturday: Fish a la Grecque plus a batch of Gazpacho to eat all week long
Sunday: Chard Cheese Bake

That's all the farther I can think ahead. :)

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