Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Organic Tomatoes for Sale

For those of you in Austin (and in particular, those who are members of Johnson's Backyard Garden CSA), Johnson's Backyard Garden is having an online tomato sale--15 lbs of organic tomatoes for $20 ($25 for non members). I've ordered 30 lbs. Am I nuts you may be asking yourself?

Last year I canned 24 pints of pasta/pizza sauce and 10 pints of tomato juice. Of that, I have one jar of pasta sauce left. 15 pounds will make about 12 pints (more or less depending on thickness of sauce) of pasta sauce. Watch for recipes for canned pasta sauce and tomato juice. I am going to be up to my elbows in pasta sauce (and can't wait!). Cost wise--you can't beat this. Next time you are at the grocery price a pound of organic tomatoes or a jar of organic pasta sauce...my homemade pasta sauce costs a little over $2.50 for a quart. You won't find any organic sauce that cheap in a grocery store!

Check out their website for more info: www.johnsonsbackyardgarden.com/

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