Friday, February 27, 2009

In the CSA box this week

Better late than never right? In the box we got on Wednesday, we got:

10 oz of spinach
a bunch of swiss chard
a bunch of kale
a bunch of collards
broccoli florets
a head of cabbage
a bunch of parsley
a bunch of mint
a stalk of brussel sprouts
two huge grapefruit
a dozen eggs
a bunch of carrots

I must admit, I am a little behind in using my produce. I still had things left from last week that I had the best intentions of using, but ran out of steam before I could use them. I need to be much more focused this week about using veggies, however, I already feel like I am behind.

I am still lacking a menu for the next week. Here's the thoughts I have so far:

Thursday: Spinach Manicotti, peas, chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing for J's birthday (I'll post the chocolate cake and icing recipe this weekend)
Friday: Not quite sure....maybe pizza and some roasted kale or a side of broccoli?
Saturday: Cabbage Bread Soup--cool front is supposed to move in and that would use up some cabbage

I need to do a little searching to figure out more than that. We were pretty focused on J's birthday the past few days so I am little behind with menu planning. We are on track for our split quarter of cow in April. I am quite excited about that. I am missing having a freezer full of beef at our disposal. We are going for the whole split quarter this year instead of splitting it with someone, maybe then it will make it an entire year!

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