Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In this week's CSA box

After a week's break from the CSA, we are getting our weekly box again. It was rather exciting to get after a week of trying to scrouge around figuring out what was for dinner without the benefits of a working/stocked kitchen. Last night was the first night back to cooking and it was nice to get acquainted with the new kitchen. (Dinner was Rumpledethumps....working on that reproducing cabbage in the fridge!).

Anyway, this week's box consisted of:

2 small bags of arugula (I got one from the trade box)
2 grapefruit
a couple of broccoli florets
a couple of small cauliflower heads
4 tomatoes
a few small turnips
3 scallions
a head of cabbage
a few small beets
3 navel oranges
a bunch of collards
a dozen eggs

Hopefully, by tomorrow I will come up with a menu for the week.