Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mac and Cheese

I was out of velveeta tonight and wanted macaroni and cheese so I went searching for a recipe that used more or less of what I had on hand and wasn't too time consuming. My brother suggested checking out Alton Brown's version. I did and I loved it. (Curtis was working late---the key indicator of when that happens is the occurence of mac and cheese for supper---I think it's a main, he thinks it's a side). The kids weren't too impressed, I am not sure what their problems were tonight (but there were definite problems all around!). I will definitely make this again when I don't have velveeta on hand. It wasn't much more work than my simple version, but it took about twice as long, which wasn't a big deal because I planned on it taking longer. I omitted the egg because I used my last three eggs last night on black and white mandelbrot (which is a softer cousin of biscotti). A note about eggs---it's this time of year when I always go through more than a dozen eggs a week....the last two weeks I've had to cut M off of her "an egg for breakfast" habit.

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