Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reuben Sandwich

I discovered this recipe last winter while I was trying to use up all my cabbage. The original recipe suggests this a vegetarian recipe---obviously it left out the pastrami. I decided since I love pastrami (or corned beef), I would try this with the meat included. Wonderful! The easiest way to prepare this is on a comal (a flat, low sided black skillet) and to heat everything at the same time. That way everything is all toasty and hot (and I am left with deli meat that's even safe for a pregnant woman to eat!). I had one for lunch today and am contemplating a second....bring on the cabbage!

Reuben Sandwich
3 c grated cabbage
1/4 c mayonnaise
1 T ketchup
2 t cider vinegar (or plain white vinegar works too)
pinch of salt
dash of pepper (to taste)
pinch of sugar

swiss cheese
pastrami or corned beef

To make the cabbage, combine mayo, ketchup, vinegar, salt, pepper, and sugar. Pour over grated cabbage and mix well.

Butter one side of each piece of bread. Top one piece of bread with a slice (or two) of Swiss cheese. At the same time, fold a couple (or more, depending on how much meat you want) of slices of pastrami to the size of your bread and place on the comal. Let the meat sizzle and shrink a little, then flip over and top with the cabbage mixture. Transfer the hot meat to on top to the cheese and top with the second slice of bread. Toast on comal until both sides of bread are crisp and brown.

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Darcy Hamre said...

Mel - we had this tonight and it was a hit! Mark thought it was the best use of cabbage he had ever heard of. :)