Sunday, November 9, 2008

Camping Food

In our CSA box on Wednesday we received some vegetables that wouldn't last until we got back on Sunday. Here is a little bit of an idea of how we ate some of our produce:

Arugula: In pimento cheese and hummus sandwiches, plain, and as a salad

Green beans: Raw as a snack food while traveling, in tin foil dinners (two cabbage leaves stuffed with thinly sliced potatoes, carrots, green beans, ground bison, mild hatch chile peppers, and cream of mushroom soup)

Radishes: Raw as a snack food while traveling (we have some of those left over)

Salad mix: As a salad with our hotdog/bratwurst dinner

We also took some of our Texas apples to snack on and a couple of sweet potatoes that we wrapped in foil and cooked over the fire for our hotdog dinner. Adding our CSA veggies to our meals definitely contributed to some of the best camping meals we've ever had!


Michelle Cato said...

That's so neat! The few camping experieces I've had were almost always drowned in junk food.

So you can eat green beans raw??? Interesting.....

Melani said...

I was the most healthy camp food I've ever eaten! I never have eaten raw green beans, but Curtis and M downed them!