Thursday, November 13, 2008

Egg Foo Yung Omelet

It took me forever to decide on supper tonight. I am not kidding, but it took about 2 hours of scavenging through cookbooks and recipes online before I finally found something that both looked good and I had the ingredients for (thankfully J took a long nap and M was entertaining herself as I sent myself on my almost wild goose chase). I ended up finding egg foo yung omelets.

I still had some bok choy left from last week which amazingly had not gone bad. It was a little wilted, but since I was cooking it I wasn't too worried about it (and I am ignoring the fact that lots of its valuable nutrients had left too). The omelet was pretty easy. I thinly sliced about 1/2 c onion, 1 small bell pepper (I used an orange one--the color and sweetness was nice), and a small head of bok choy (about 1 - 1 1/2 c worth). From the bok choy I used both the stems and the leaves. I heated some olive oil in a black skillet (about 8 -10 inches or so, it actually matters in this recipe), and cooked the veggies for 7 minutes with the cover on, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables were tender. While the vegetables cooked, I whisked together 5 eggs, 1 T soy sauce, 1 T water and 1 t ginger. I also combined 1 T cornstarch in 1 c of water and the added 1 T soy sauce and few drops of sesame oil to that. The cornstarch/water/soy sauce mixture I transferred to small pan on the stove and attempted to thicken it (my cornstarch thickening skills leave a lot to be desired) by bringing it to a boil and then simmering until it was clear and thickened. (I ran out of patience before that happened so our sauce was rather runny, but still good!). I poured the eggs over the tender vegetables, covered and slightly reduced heat and let the eggs cook, about 5 - 10 minutes. To serve, I removed the eggs from the skillet and topped with the soy sauce mixture.

Curtis and I really enjoyed it. J liked it pretty well too. M has been unusually picky about food lately so we were not surprised that she didn't eat any of it. I also served leftover poultry pasta primavera with the meal. I discovered that the soy sauce on top of that is also very tasty!

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