Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am working on my Christmas list (yes, my family still does Christmas makes things so much easier!) and thought maybe I could use a new cookbook. I've been browsing on for cookbooks and thought Deborah Madison's cookbooks looked good. Does anyone have any of her cookbooks and have thoughts on them? Do you have a favorite cookbook that features vegetables/produce in recipes (meat is fine, but I need more bok choy and eggplant recipes for starters!)? My favorite cookbooks I have are Simply in Season and the Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks. I am also looking for ethnic cookbooks-especially Asian or Mediterranean (because let's face it, most other cultures do better at cooking seasonly than our typical "American" cuisine and these cultures have some of the produce we are inundated with from our CSA). Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Laura May said...


My favorite is With Love, From Cynthia. She's the owner of the Peach Tree Tea Room in Fredericksburg. She has three cookbooks but this most recent one 1) is the healthiest, 2) recipes have fewer ingredients, and 3) uses lots of veggies local to the area. It has a good variety of lots of different kinds of recipes too.

Good luck on your cookbook search!!!

Michelle Cato said...

I go to the library weekly and check out cookbooks and just right down the recipes in binders, something my grandmother taught me. The Main Austin library has tons!

Perhaps you could stop by there and thumb through some that way you would know for sure what you would like. ;)

So far my favorites (meaning where I've found the most recipes I like) has been "The New American Plate Cookbook" and "The American Medical Associations Family Cookbook." Oh yeah and one called "Healthy in a Hurry"

Kate G. said...

Oh, I love With Love, From Cynthia. I have that on my bookshelf. I love cookbooks! I have a lot of ethnic ones you are welcome to check out. The Noodle Shop Cookbook is great and Mediterranean books are a favorite hit too, since the food is seasonally similar to here.