Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In the CSA box today

Lots of greens---it's looking more like winter and early fall! I had to do an online search to identify them all! :)

Bok Choy (or maybe it's tatsoi. I use them the same)
2 small heads of broccoli
Mizuna (a leaf courtesy Cook's thesarus is pictured)
4 small rather sad looking tomatoes (but we have tomatoes in November!)
4 bell peppers
eggplants (that I left behind because let's be honest, they're just feeding my compost anyway)
baby beets
baby turnips (I think....)
hot peppers (left behind)

A few notes:

When getting CSA broccoli, it's good to soak it in a bowl of salted water first. Soak it floret side down. This will kill the little green worms that like to make their home in the broccoli. You will still need to go through the broccoli and pick them out, but at least they are dead. Aaahh...the joys of organic!

Mizuna, from what I understand, is a Japanese green, similar to Arugula. I am using it tonight for supper in place of arugula so I'll let you know how that is. I've also found some interesting recipes on Epicurious I look forward to trying using mizuna.

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