Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu and Grocery List

Monday: Mexican Polenta-Stuffed Bell Peppers
Tuesday: Sesame Tofu with Wilted Greens (using Mizuna or Bok Choy or both!)
Wednesday: Left open for CSA inspiration
Thursday: Vegetarian Chili
Friday: Pizza

Grocery List:
Texas valley lemons
organic butter
canola oil
cheddar cheese
whole and skim organic milk
2 loaves white bread
polenta cornmeal (bought bulk)
green olives with pimentos
16 oz firm tofu
organic cereal
Asiago cheese
local organic plain yogurt

I love fall/winter in Texas because it means you can buy citrus like lemons, oranges, and grapefruits somewhat locally. The lemons don't look quite like the shiny yellow California or Mexico lemons. These lemons are sweeter and the skins are a dull yellow to green (almost a lime color) and are closer to Meyer lemons. I wanted to buy some lemons at the Farmer's Market on Saturday, but ran out of money. This is what I did get at the Farmer's Market though:
A loaf of whole wheat bread
sweet potatoes
Cameo apples (my favorites!!!)
a couple of butternut squash
a couple of zucchini (for vegetarian chili)

If the two loaves of white bread threw you for a loop, allow me to explain. About once a year or so, I buy white bread. The reason? My grandma's recipe for stuffing/dressing/filling (call it what you may) tastes best with the total devoid of any nutritional value white bread. For my kids' Thanksgiving feast at their preschool, I am taking two pans of stuffing. Thus, the white bread. I am not a southern so this cornbread dressing stuff just doesn't cut it for me. Recipe and pictures to come later in the week. :)

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Michelle Cato said...

Our brains are slowly meshing. I planned chili for us this week too. :)