Thursday, November 20, 2008

Updated Menu

The change in weather and CSA box contents caused me to revise our menu for the week. I've tentatively planned through next Monday. I should get through most of our CSA box if I can stick to this. :)

Thursday: Pizza with Bok Choy Salad
Friday: Vegetarian Chili with a lettuce salad
Saturday: Scallion Crepes with Bok Choy with a side of roasted young root vegetables.
Sunday: Stove Top Cassoulet
Monday: Fajitas

I spent some time this afternoon scouring a couple of the cookbooks I got from the library earlier in the week. Vegetable Heaven by Mollie Katzen and Local Flavor by Deborah Madison. I love them both!! We'll see how some of the recipes from them turn out. The method behind menu planning? Well, especially in weeks when we are getting lots of new veggies, I make a list of all the vegetables we have. Then I search indexes of cookbooks for the ingredient (vegetable). If I draw a blank there, I turn to my favorite internet recipe sites. The ones I know that will go bad the fastest, I try to put earlier in the week. I also plan a little around weather. Soups are saved for cold fronts or cold days. Fajitas went on Monday because it is supposed to be nicer outside. Food should match the weather in my mind. With all that in mind, I have a menu.

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