Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tacos on Rice

Dinner tonight was one of my family's classics. It still is the go to meal when my mom needs a slightly nicer meal and doesn't know what to make. That being said, I decided the meal was worthy of our last package of ground beef from our 1/8 of cow. The butterhead lettuce was what pushed me over the edge for the meal. It's been so long since I've made this and have had lettuce to put on it. It seemed like the perfect use for lettuce.

Preparation couldn't be much easier. Make some rice (I used 1 c dry rice for the 4 of us). Brown a pound of hamburger. Grate some cheese. Crumble up some corn chips (which, incidentally, fit 2 of Michael Pollan's guidelines for choosing what food to buy in the grocery store: 1) Less than 5 ingredients and 2)All ingredients your grandma or great grandma would recognize. Fritos have all of 3 ingredients...whole corn, corn oil, and salt. Not healthy, but as far as processed food goes, at least I recognize everything that is in them). Chop up some lettuce (and tomatoes if you have some). Garnish with tomato juice and salsa. To assemble, put some rice on plate. Follow with some meat, then cheese, then lettuce. Top of with some crushed Fritos and moistened with a liberal dousing of tomato juice. Put on some salsa (or Tabasco type sauce) for some more flavor. That's it.

Everyone loved it. J had two servings as did M (and myself). I think Curtis managed to limit himself to one. After the bok choy incident, M has decided she now likes all salad and eagerly at the lettuce on her tacos on rice. Yay!

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