Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Fall Quesadilla

I know I don't usually blog about lunches. Why is that? Well, when we eat at the house (or if I pack a lunch) it is almost always pb&j, whatever fruit is in season, occasionally crackers and baba ganoush, and whatever good crunchy vegetables I can round up. Today was different though!

We are currently out of bread. Back up lunches tend to be either leftovers or quesadillas. We opted for the quesadillas today. For the kids, I put leftover barbeque chicken (we got a chicken from the Mexican chicken trailer close to our house last Sunday) and cheddar cheese inside their quesadilla. I decided to use some of my mizuna in mine. I thinly sliced some apples we had and put those on top of the whole wheat tortilla. I grated Asiago cheese I found in our deli drawer on top of that and then topped that with some mizuna. Finally I put on the other tortilla. was good! The apples being on the bottom meant they were warm and slightly softened. The sweetness of the apples counteracted the saltiness of the cheese. I had gotten salsa out to eat with the quesadilla, but found that salsa was entirely unnecessary (which is rather unusual for me). Too bad we are now out of Asiago cheese and tortillas or I would repeat these quesadillas for my lunch tomorrow!

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