Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In the CSA box this week

Have I said yet that I am done with citrus? I am. We got lots this week. However, my lack of enthusiasm for the box (with citrus) was canceled by the total and complete enthusiasm for the small bunch of asparagus we got. Even M greeted it with enthusiasm and asked if we could eat it for supper tonight. Alas, no. It is being saved for dinner tomorrow night.

In the box this week:
a dozen eggs (which we are still going through closer to 2 dozen eggs in a week)
a large and small bunch of kale
a bag of salad mixed greens
2 green onions (scallions)
small bunch of bok choy
small bunch of spinach
small bag of chard
3 beets
2 grapefruit
4 oranges
a bunch of lose broccoli florets
a small bunch of parsley

Some menu ideas:
Stir fry with the broccoli florets, bok choy and scallions plus tofu and mushrooms.
Spinach souffle using a chard/spinach combo (not enough of either to use for a meal)
Maybe have a side of beets with the spinach souffle
Roasted kale to snack on
Homemade pizza topped with mushrooms and served with a salad
Asparagus, just barely cooked (preferably grilled, but I don't think the grill will be working by tomorrow night...we are having some techinical/plumbing difficulties with it since moving).

And I vow to eat grapefruit for breakfast and force my kids to eat oranges as the fruit for snacks/lunch.


Jason said...

I guess it blows the whole "eating local" point of the CSA, but you know our address in case you need to unload some of that citrus. :) I'm SO jealous!

Melani said...

I wish I could trade you citrus in the winter for the wonderful berries (raspberries and blueberries) and cherries you guys get in the summer.