Monday, March 23, 2009

A couple of New York Times Articles...

Ok, maybe they aren't the newest gardeners, but they are the highest profile gardening advocates lately. Check out this article from the NY Times about the Obama's garden on the White House lawn. Regardless of your political view, the embracing of gardening and eating locally and in-season by the President and his family is significant. Yay for growing what you eat and knowing where what you eat comes from!

Also from NY Times is this article by Mark Bittman (chef, cookbook author, one of the hosts of Spain:On the Road Again), summing up organic food choices vs. good food choices. It does well at talking about how the label "organic" is not the answer to all our nation's health problems.

(I hope the link opens--I am not sure how long they keep archived articles available for public viewing for free....Thanks to my mother-in-law for clipping the article on the White House Garden and sending it to me!)

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